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Resumen de Curriculum Vitae

Home page:
I am an instructor of advanced courses with experience in course development for difficult and new IT technologies. I have worked as a contractor since 1988 at different universities and corporations in Sweden.
I have been in charge of courses on introduction to computing, databases, data communications and programming, even for very large classes at the Lund University, Royal Institute of Technology, Mid Sweden University and Kristianstad University.
I have developed several courses on these subjects.
My scientific contributions are in the area of program development and algorithms, especially for algebraic complexity problems as multiplication and matrix multiplication, which are applied in digital signal processing issues.


- Ph. L. degree in Computer Science(19 years), 1993 at the Dept. of Computer Sciences at the University of Lund, Sweden.
Thesis: Fast Concise Algorithms. This degree is equivalent to the Danish Ph D )
- Master of Science(18 years) degree in Computer Science at Lund University, Sweden, 1987.
- Other degrees:
Candidate of Philosophy, 1980, Lund University,
Bachelor of Science (Math.), 1981, Lund University.

Other academic merits
- Eleven scientific works published by international scientific conferences or magazines, most on effective and concise algorithms.
- Eleven years work as professor/researcher at Lund University, Dept. of Computer Science from 1980 to 1991.
- Associate professor of mathematics and computer science at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden 1992-1993.
- Associate professor of computer science at the Mid Sweden University at Sundsvall, Sweden 1994-1997.
- Associate professor of computer science at the Kristianstad University, Sweden1998-2000.
- Leader of the project Compact Algorithms for Discrete Convolution with support of the SwedishBoard for Technical Development.
- Guest researcher of the Symbolic Computation Group, University of Waterloo, Canada, 1988.
- Nominated as chairman for communication at the conference NordDATA 88 in Esbo, Finland.
- Swedish agent for the system for Computer Algebra Maple.
- Reviewer of the international scientific magazine Mathematical Reviews since 1988.
- Winner of grants of the Swedish Royal Academy of Science for exchange of researchers with the Soviet Union and Poland 1989-1990.
- Mastered programming languages: Pascal, Lisp and Scheme, Simula, Ada, Prolog, Assembly, APL, C, C++, Java and others.
- Consultant Director CCI AB, Lund, Sweden 1987-1992.
- Member of Apple Developer Team and VAR of SUN Microsystems
- Large installations of local area networks for Lund Univ. and
AMU technical Schools, Sweden, among others.
- Editor of the newsletters CCI-Flash and Resplandor.
- Consulting and education in computer science.
- Swedish agent of the Computer Algebra system Maple 1988-1992.

Latest job experience:

Java Web Server: JSP, JDBC, servlets, Enterprise Java Beans, Remote Method Invocation. J2EE, Java program development, Web database programming.

Design and development tools
Top-down with stepwise refinement
UML with patterns
Data modeling
Mathematical analysis of modules
Petri-Net derivation

Recently developed courses
- Java Web Server
- Web Databases with Java.
- TCP/IP Communication with Java
- Wireless Networks
- Object oriented programming with Java
- Markup languages, esp. XML

Personal information

Languages: Spanish, Swedish, English, Portuguese, Italian and French.
Citizenship: Swedish
and date of Birth: Florida, Uruguay, December 2nd. 1945.
Leisure time activities: aerobics, sport, canoeing, sailing, and jogging.


- Prof. Birgitta Haeger-Aronsen +46 40 15 78 93
- Studierektor Klas Sigbo, Dept. of Computer Science, Lund University. +46-46 222 00 00
- Prof. Andrzej Lingas, , Dept. of Computer Science, Lund University. +46-46 222 00 00

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